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Hampshire residents joining gloji lose weight or gloji move more can use our online gym! Support your weight loss from the comfort of your home with gloji gym.

Gym Statistics: 15,000 members and counting. 200+ classes to enjoy

Build your fitness from home, with zero equipment, in 15 minutes

Master the basics or improve your cardio & strength with our classes. They’re available to watch anywhere, any time.

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Build strength, improve your posture and prevent injury with our beginner’s Pilates.

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Tai Chi

A beginner’s mind-body course to boost your strength, balance, flexibility and mental wellbeing.

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Beginners HIIT

Switch between fast-paced exercises and rest to burn fat and increase your fitness.

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Strength and Balance

Improve your balance with gentle exercises with a chair for added stability.

Work on your mind and body with gloji gym

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your health, fitness, flexibility and strength.

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your sleep, memory and energy levels.

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your mind, mood and wellbeing.

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